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PTSG Conference 2015 MP3 (Download)

PTSG Conference 2015 MP3 (Download)

$ 40.00

Dr. Tim LaHaye
Target Israel introduction

Dr. David R. Reagan
Led Astray Critique

Dr. Thomas Ice (for Dr. Ed Hindson)
Target Israel: Caught in the Crosshairs on the End Times

Dr. Jim Showers
The Eroding Evangelical Christian Support for Israel: The Cause & Cure

Dr. Mike Vlach
The Relationship of Israel‘s Belief to the Kingdom of God

Dr. Greg Harris
Did God Fulfill Every Good Promise of Joshua 21:43-45?

Dr. Mike Stallard
A Response to the Amillennial Arguments of Sam Storms’ Kingdom Come

Dr. H. Wayne House
An Evaluation of the Hermeneutics of Historic Premillennialism

Dr. Andy Woods
The Doctrine of the Millennial Kingdom in the Old Testament

Andrew Robinson
Comfort My People: 19th Century British Evangelicalism and the Restoration of Israel

Dr. William Watson
The Rise of Philo-Semitism and Premillennialism during the 17th and 18th Centuries

Dr. Paul Wilkinson
Israel Betrayed: Christian Palestinianism’s Crusade against Premillennial Truth

Joel Rosenberg
Banquet speaker

Dr. Mark Hitchcock
Having Everything but the Greatest Thing

Wilfred Hahn
Current Events

Bill Koenig
Current Events


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