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PTSG Conference 2016 MP3

PTSG Conference 2016 MP3

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Dr. J. B. Hixson – One Minute after the Rapture
Dr. David Mappes – A Biblical and Theological Discussion of Traditional Dispensational Premillennialism

Dr. Gary Gromacki – The Times of the Gentiles
Soren Kern – An Update on Islam and the European Union

Dr. Abner Chou – The Grammatical-Historical Hermeneutic: Its Defense and the Demand for Premillennialism
Dr. Abner Chou – A Hermeneutical Evaluation of the Christocentric Hermeneutic

Dr. Michael Rydelnik – The Messianic Hope: Are There Messianic Passages in the Old Testament?
Dr. David Farnell – Evangelical Challenges to Orthodox Inerrancy: The Danger FROM WITHIN

Dr. Jason Whitlock – The Coming of the Lord
Bill Koenig – Current Events

Dr. Paul Wilkinson & Dr. Thomas Ice – Led Astray (1 of 2)
Dr. Paul Wilkinson & Dr. Thomas Ice – Led Astray (2 of 2)

Pastor Jack Hibbs – The Rapture and How it Applies to the Pulpit

Mark Bailey – Devotional

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